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Tested on Windows XP with Chrome and Firefox.


Help Hotfix collect stargazers and avoid enemies. Collect commits to upgrade hotfix and add new features.


Click or press space to jump. The longer you hold, the longer the jump (there is a upper threshold of course).

Jumping watchers can be destroyed by jumping on them. If you do so, you will be able to double jump.

By collecting commits, add new features to hotfix. The more features you have, the more likely you will progress in the game.



Beginning of the game

Game over screen

You are ranked by the number of stargazers you collected.

The store

Buy new features for Hotfix.

Enemies and obstacles

Poisonned forks

Poisonned forks appear on the branches at the beginning of the game. If you touch them, you are dead.

Round forks

Round forks appear often between branches. If you touch them, you are dead.

Jumping watchers

Once upon a time, in the World Wide Web gitdom, there were watchers. They were replaced by stargazers so now they seek revenge.

You are dead if you touch them, unless you jump on them. If you do so, you will be able to double jump.

Forker watchers

They are an evolved form of watchers: they throw forks. The forks are poisonned, so you die if you touch them.



Buy extra clones of Hotfix to continue playing when you are hit or are falling.

Time machine

Running out of time ? The time machine allows you to slow down time. Press S to activate (will only work if you bought the feature).

Extra jumps

It is always convenient to be able to jump again when you are falling.


The magnet pull commits towards you, allowing you to earn more of them.


Developper / designer / author of Hotfix

Sébastien Drouyer


Using free versions of Unity3d and the Orthello framework.


16 Cracked By Ben Drake

Dumb Dance By EXIT project

The Gateway By klez

The FutureMan Can By Kangaroo MusiQue


Hurt, Pad, and stargazer sound : Sébastien Drouyer

Clone: game pick up object By fins

Falling: fall2 By silversatyr

Flick: Flick_ff-2_003 By batchku

Jump: sound_jump By odeean

Missile: missile01 By elmomo

Pop: Pop! By oldedgar


Code and images (all except in the orthello and Standard Assets folder) are by Sébastien Drouyer and are under MIT license.

All other artworks not created by Sébastien Drouyer can be under specific license (non-commercial notably). Click the links in order to check the license.


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